The SENSOR+TEST 2017 Measurement Fair in Nürnberg came to a successful conclusion. “The SENSOR+TEST has always been the most important and effective platform to present our solutions for measuring technology and data visualization to an international public of professionals. Nürnberg is a time-proven, centrally located venue for the trade fair.

RadonEye, The world’s first Real-Time Smart Radon detector   for homeowner has succeeded in communicating with Amazon Eco.

Based on their excellent technology of electro-physics, RadonFTLab has announced that it succeeded in connecting the radon gas detector, RadonEye to Amazon Eco. RadonFTLab, the only company in Korea which has a technique to make the smart radon gas detector and real time radon sensor.
As being connected IoT and artificial intelligence secretary technology to ‘RadonEye’, RadonFTLab set the system that people can easily check the indoor radon gas level.

“Alexa, Open radoneye!”