New Concept! Radon Detector!!

RDS (Radon Data Service) is the optimal solution for Radon Free certification and management operators.
RadonEye CUBE(EcoQube) is a high quality IoT radon sensor. It provides cloud data service for ICT business through internet connection, and you can also check radon data directly in real time through smartphone connection.

 Type : Pulsed Ion chamber
  Sensitivity : 0.5cpm/pCi/L
  Range : 0.2 ~ 99.9 pCi/L (7 ~ 3,700Bq/m³)
  Power : DC5V,  120mA (Using a smartphone charger, Micro USB)
  Size : W65 x D65 x H80 (mm)
  Data communication : Wi-Fi (Internet), Bluetooth LE(Smartphone)
 Data upload to cloud : Once per hour
  LED :  Display radon concentration status (Green : Good / Orange : Normal / Red : Bad)

ICT Business with RDS
Radon Free Apartment Certification Project
Post Mitigation after Radon Reduction in Various Facilities
Monitoring public facilities such as schools, kindergartens, children's homes, and nursing homes
Monitoring of multi-use facilities such as subway stations
Indoor automatic air conditioning system

RDS Business Model
Type A : Use of FTLAB's server

Type B : Use of management's server


High quality IoT Radon Sensor : RadonEye CUBE (RQ180)

Web-Viewer for administrator
View current status in jurisdictions
Viewer Service for Data Analysis
Service differentiation by manager type
Push Alarm Function Environment Setting
Raw data download available
Provide various platforms: PC Web Viewer / Mobile App


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