New Concept! Radon Detector!!

High sensitivity Radon meter with reasonable price.


FRD500 is a radon monitor that has high sensitivity and can measure radon in air and water.

  High sensitivity with ionization chamber method
  Radon (Rn-222), Thoron (Rn-220) classification measurement function included.
  Expand measurement range with high concentration (indoor air quality ~3,000 pCi/L, groundwater ~15,000 pCi/L)
  Indoor air quality, groundwater, radon in soil can be measured (Option: groundwater measurement kit, soil probe)
  Built-in pump
  Provides an external battery connection function according to the needs of the user, and can last 72 hours when using a high-capacity battery (batteries are not included in the product)
  Various data output methods (wireless communication using smartphone, RS232 communication)


  Type : Pulsed Ion Chamber
  Data saving interval : 1h
  Sensitivity : 0.9cpm/pCi/L at 10pCi/L
  Operating range : 0~50℃, RH< 90%
  Range : Air (Rn222) : 0.1~3,000pCi/L (1~111,000Bq/m³)
  Range : Air (Rn222+Rn220) : 0.1~3,000pCi/L (1~111,000Bq/m³)
  Range : Radon in Water (Rn222) : 0.1~15,000pCi/L (1~555,000Bq/m³)
  Reproducibility : <±5% at 10pCi/L
  Accuracy : <±5% at 10pCi/L (min, error <±0.4pCi/L)
  Air supply : Micro Air Pump (1 LPM))
  Power : 5V 2A DC adapter
  Size : L160 x W230 x H90 (mm)
  Weight : 1.6kg
  Data communication : Bluetooth LE, RS232
Data log : 10 slots, 60day / slot
Display : 3.2 inch TFT-LCD



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