New Concept! Radon Detector!!

Professional Continuous Radon Monitor for Home Inspectors (Radon Specialists)


RadonEye Pro is Professional Continuous Radon Monitor specialized in official home inspection.
You can check a real time data status and issue (vibration or blackout) uploaded automatically to server under Wi-Fi circumstance while the measurement condition setting and data check possible using Bluetooth up to 10M distance.


* NRPP Listed Device / FCC Certified
* NRSB Listed Device

NRSB(National Radon Safety Board)


This highly developed, cutting edge model, RadonEye Pro ‘RD200P’ is user-friendly instrument especially for home inspectors, radon specialists.
Normally for 48hours (or 72hours) inspection at clients’ house, you can set ‘waiting time’ in advance (which is to prepare the area for radon inspection in order to reduce noise during this time / up to 24hours)
Each inspection duration is up to 240hours (10days) and you can also set Wi-Fi on/off or display on/off (radon reading displayed on screen)
RadonEye Pro is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth enabled and can access to Web cloud server with an updated data (in real time, every 10min) uploaded automatically.
To do so, all you need to do is just log in at and can find whole updated data through web server at any time.
This is equipped with an ionization chamber sensor that uses FTLab's high precision measurement technology to measure radon alpha decay.
The sensitivity of the sensor is 30    cph / pCi / l, and the radon level in the sealed space within 1 hour can be measured within ± 10% precision.
Last but not least, we offer whole packaged accessary too such as tripod holder, step-up cable, adapter extension cable, pouch for battery and package bag necessary for professional inspecting (except tripod, battery itself)


  Type : Pulsed Ion Chamber
  Data saving interval : 1h (10min update)
  Sensitivity : 0.5cpm/pCi/L (30cph/pCi/L)
  * MDC : 0.18pCi/L
  Operating Range : 34~104°F (1~40℃), RH < 80% (No condensation)
  Range : 0.2 ~ 255pCi/L (7~9,435Bq/㎥)
  Reproducibility : < ±10% at 10pCi/L (after 1 hour)
  Accuracy : < ±10% at 10pCi/L (min. error < ±0.5pCi/L)
  Power : 12V 1A DC adapter
  Size : ΦH4.92 x D3.15(in) / ΦH125 x D80(mm)
  Weight : 8.82(oz) / 250g
  Data communication : Wi-Fi (internet), Bluetooth LE(Android/iOS)
  Data storage capacity :
Inspection mode : Max 240h x 10 (2,400 data points)
Continuous mode : 300days (7,200 data points)
  Display : 0.96 inch OLED


Radon web service allows you to check the data from RadonEye Pro from a distance at any time. It's needed to agree a provision of information in order to get an whole service of it.

* At least 2 years of free cloud management service will be provided with the purchase of a new device 

RD200P Operation Manual

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