New Concept! Radon Detector!!
30 7월 2020

RadonEye, Selected as the Best Radon Detector on Amazon

22 6월 2017

Radon City of RadonFTlab

Sensors Expo is the biggest convention of sensors, and it’s the first time that Korean radon sensor manufacturing companies are participating.

Through this exhibition, it will be introduced to the United States, which is the main breakdown of the radon measurement.
In line with the IoT trend, FTlab has succeeded in connecting the RadonEye to Amazon Eco. As being connected IoT and artificial intelligence secretary technology to it, RadonFTLab set the system that people can easily check their indoor radon gas levels. RadonEye is expected to attract the public eye in the Sensors Expo 2017.”

22 6월 2017


 We aimed to know if radon concentration is associated with municipal mortality due to brain cancer in Galicia, Spain. We designed an ecological study taking as study unit Galician municipalities. To be included, municipalities had to have at least three radon measurements. We correlated radon concentrations with municipal mortality due to these malignant tumors during the period 1999–2008. We calculated the relative risk of dying of brain cancers for each municipality and correlated this value with municipal radon concentration using Spearman’s Rho. 251 municipalities were included, with close to 3,500 radon measurements and an average of 14 radon measurements at each municipality. We observed a significant correlation between residential radon with brain cancer mortality for males and females and the intensity of the correlation was higher for females. These results were reinforced when the analysis was restricted to municipalities with more than 5 radon measurements: Spearman’s Rho 0.286 (p-value < 0.001) and Spearman’s Rho 0.509 (p-value < 0.001) for males and females, respectively. These results suggest an association between residential radon and brain cancer mortality. More research using more robust epidemiological designs is needed to confirm these findings.