New Concept! Radon Detector!!
27 6월 2019

2019 Sensors Expo & Conference


At the 2019 Sensor Expo & Conference, FTLAB launched the RS9A, a new hexahedral radon sensor that is both practical and mass-production. FTLAB’s radon sensor was the only one in the big exhibition hall for three years.

14 6월 2019

InterNACHI 2019 Vendor Portal


FTLab participated in the conference for the exchange of information of Home Inspectors in USA for four days from June 11 to 14, 2019. In this exhibition, FTLAB show RadonEye Pro, Professional Continuous Radon Monitor for Radon Specialists.

17 10월 2017

Global Sources Exhibitions 2017


Among the hundreds of thousands of products exhibited at this exhibition, FTLAB and seven other products were selected for the Analyst’s choice award, which was awarded to 100 excellent products through expert examination. Local experts also showed great interest and interest in innovation and product competitiveness of 3D convergence products in Korea.

17 10월 2017

Asian Leadership conference


2017.07.03 – 2017.07.04
The Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) is an annual international conference hosted in Seoul, South Korea, by the The ChosunIlbo, a major Korean daily newspaper. The inaugural conference was in March 2005. The conference addresses important issues in Asia and the world. The conference has hosted over one hundred and fifty speakers and over one thousand guests. RadonFTLab was also participate.

29 6월 2017

Sensors expo 2017


participate Radonftlab

For 30+ years, Sensors Expo & Conference has established itself as North America’s premier event focused exclusively on sensors and sensor-integrated systems. Join us in the heart of Silicon Valley – June 27-29, 2017 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California – to be a part of THE only event where  you can find solutions for your present sensing technologies while exploring sensing technologies that are driving tomorrow’s solutions.

JUNE 27-29, 2017 • SAN JOSE, CA

31 5월 2017

Sensor+test 2017


The SENSOR+TEST 2017 Measurement Fair in Nürnberg came to a successful conclusion. “The SENSOR+TEST has always been the most important and effective platform to present our solutions for measuring technology and data visualization to an international public of professionals. Nürnberg is a time-proven, centrally located venue for the trade fair.

RadonEye, The world’s first Real-Time Smart Radon detector   for homeowner has succeeded in communicating with Amazon Eco.

Based on their excellent technology of electro-physics, RadonFTLab has announced that it succeeded in connecting the radon gas detector, RadonEye to Amazon Eco. RadonFTLab, the only company in Korea which has a technique to make the smart radon gas detector and real time radon sensor.
As being connected IoT and artificial intelligence secretary technology to ‘RadonEye’, RadonFTLab set the system that people can easily check the indoor radon gas level.

“Alexa, Open radoneye!”




26 10월 2016

Eco Techno 2016

eco_exhibitionEco Techno 2016 (Eco Techno2016) in western Japan General Exhibition Center (Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture) was also to participate Radonftlab. Global environment solutions, 280 or more companies in western Japan stock companies in the energy advanced technology to the main theme was attended. Check the latest trend of Japan’s environmental industry, was positioned as a place to create a new business.

18 3월 2016

Radon Symposium 2015

Radon Symposium

September 21, 2015, at the 2015 AARST International Radon Symposium, an innovative technology made its debut and surprised radon specialists. It was the world’s first real-time, affordable, highly sensitive, and smart indoor radon measurement device! It drew an enthusiastic response from the people at the radon symposium. Radon FTLab has brought about a revolution in radon monitoring! The RD200 is the only entry-level device that meets the US EPA regulations. The FRD800 and FRD1600 models have been developed for research or for inspection of public facilities. With the integration of Radon FTLab’s technology, your products will reach a new level of innovation.