New Concept! Radon Detector!!

We are experts in the field of precision measurement

Since 2001 we have been conducting various research projects for measurement related on electrical characteristics of Plasma display, LED, secondary battery and capacitive TSP based on the electro-physics. These research experiences were able to develop the innovative new technologies of radon measurements.

Start of FTLAB

- VDS, versatile driving simulator for PDP
- measurement system of electrical characteristics of display
- inspection system of reliability for LED
- inspection system of BMS for secondary battery
- inspection system of capacitive touch screen panel

Launching SmartFTLab

various smart sensor solutions for smart phone
- Radiation sensor, SMART GEIGER interfaced smart phone mic
- UV, IR, temp/RH smart sensors for smart phone
- Bluetooth volt/current meter & data logger

Launching RadonFTLab

- successfully developed ultra low-current stabilization circuit techniques for radon measurement in 2014
- success of radon sensor, RD200M, 0.5cpm/pCi/l
- introduced the smart radon detector, RD200 for home owner in international RADON symposium at Minnesota, USA
- awarded Excellent New Technology certification form Korea
- launching FRD series, precision devices for specialist

Our Story

"KOOKMIN DAILY-RADON PROTECH-FTLAB" signed Radon Business MOU signed


Certificate number : 2017212

Public Procurement Service, Republic of Korea


2016.12 certificate

Received a certificate from the Korea Environment Corporation

2019. 12  Certificate of Authentication 

Selected as a Promising Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise by the Gyeonggi Provincial Government

2017. 11 Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

Commendation to commercialize new technology

Eco Techno 2016

in western Japan General Exhibition Center

2019.11 Certificate

Gyeonggi Province Promising Environmental Enterprise Certificate


The SENSOR+TEST 2017 Measurement Fair in Nürnberg

Eco Techno 2016 (Eco Techno2016) in western Japan General Exhibition Center

NET Certification awarded by Government

The technology of indoor radon measurement

Our History

  2020.05 Acquire NRSB(National Radon Safety Board) certification of RadonEye Pro(RD200P) : CRM-31827
  2020.04 RDS(Radon Data Service) Beta Test
  2020.04 DSM101(Fine dust simple meter) Performance Certification Class 1
  2020.02 The Kukmin Daily, FTLAB, RADON PROTECH, MOU on Radon Project
  2019.12 Certificate of Authentication (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise by the Gyeonggi Provincial Government)
  2019.11 Promising Environmental Enterprise Certificate
  2019.11 Minister of Environment Award (Small and Medium Environment Company Commercialization Support Project)
  2019.10 Certificate of Leading Environmental Company
  2019.09 The 2019 AARST International Radon Symposium
  2019.06 Radon Sensor 'RS9A' Launching
  2019.06 2019 Sensors Expo & Conference
  2019.06 InterNACHI 2019 Vendor Portal
  2019.05 'RadonEye Station' Launching
  2019.05 ENVEX(Environmental Exhibiton) 2019
  2019.01 ASHI Inspection World 2019 (Device#CR-8306)
  2018.11 RadonEye pro(RD200P) completed the USA Radon professionals Equipment(NRPP listed device) certification process
  2018.10 FTLab radon measurement technologies registered in the USA and European patent
  2018.01 IW Orlando 2018
  2017.11 'Radon Eye+' Launching
  2017.10 Global Sources Exhibitions 2017
  2017.10 The 2017 AARST International Radon Symposium
  2017.06 Sensors expo & conference 2017, USA
  2017.05 Sensor+test 2017 Exhibited in Nuremberg Germany
  2016.12 Received a certificate from the Korea Environment Corporation
  2017.04 Certificate of Patent, “Radon measurement technology”
  2016.10 Eco Techno 2016 (Eco Techno2016) in western Japan
  2016.06 RD200 'Radon Eye' launching
  2016.01~4 Ministry of Environment, Type Approval : “Radon Detector” FRD1600, FRD800, FRD400
  2015.12 NET Certification awarded by South Korea Government, “Technology of indoor Radon concentratio measurement which has 0.5cpm/pCi/L sensitivity by using the dual probe structured ionization chamber”
  2015.09 2015 international Radon symposium, USA
  2015.01 Radon FTLab Launching
  2014.08 Smart FTLab, Launching (Geiger, UV Checker, Temp Checker,etc.)
  2012.04 NET : measurement of single electrode resistance
  2010.08 NET : universal TSP inspection technology
  2009.04 NET : 0~5kV miniature HV DC-DC converter
  2003.01 the world's second E-mark for HID ballast for automobile following Philips
  2001.09 versatile driving simulator
  2001.05 FTLAB Co., LTD. Founded

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