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SMART Radon Detector for Home owner


RD200 is a real time smart radon detector for home owner which has the high sensitivity 0.5cpm/pCi/l, about 20~30 times more than conventional radon detector by FTLAB’s high stable circuit technology. Its first reliable data out time is below 60min from measurement start. Also the accuracy is <10% at 10pCi/l.  (The accuracy and precision spec were tested by the KTL(Korea Testing Laboratory) administrated by KOREAN government) RD200M is a radon sensing module for OEM supply.
RD200= RD200M+ display+ logger+ Bluetooth+ etc
* NET certification from Republic of South Korea (2015.12)


Type : pulsed ion chamber 200cc
First reliable data out : < 60min
Data interval : 10min update (60min moving average)
Sensitivity : 0.5cpm/pCi/l at 10pCi/l (30cph/pCi/l)
Operating range : 10~40℃, RH < 90%
Range : 0.1 ~ 99.99 pCi/l
Precision : < 10% at 10pCi/l
Accuracy : < ±10% (min. error <±0.5pCi/l )
Power : DC 12 ± 0.1V, 65mA (12V DC adapter)
Size : Φ80(mm) x 120(mm), 240g
Data communication : Bluetooth LE (Android/iOS)
Data log : max 1year (1h step)
Display : 0.96 inch OLED


Radon Eye : Quick Guide 

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※ Notice ※
Radon Eye is a indoor type product used in office or home.   In the vicinity of high-voltage transmission lines like subway and electric tower can cause a malfunction due to strong electromagnetic field.  Please use the Professional FRD series products if you want to check in outside.






Benefits of Product

Real-time continuous radon detector & monitor

  RD200M : Radon sensor
  RD200 : Radon Detector (BLE)
  RD200P : Radon Detector (Wi-Fi)
  FRD400 : Radon monitor for radon measuring agency
  FRD800 : Radon monitor for specialist
  FRD1600 : Precision radon monitor for research

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