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SMART Radon Detector for Home owner ‘Radon Eye Plus’ RD200P


Radon Eye Plus is a real-time smart indoor radon gas detector using Wi-Fi communication. The sensitivity is 20 times higher than the other type of radon detector, so it is fast and precise. Therefore, radon data can be provided within 10% error within 1 hour after the start of measurement. In addition, technology based on IoT is applied so that it can be confirmed anytime and anywhere on the Internet, so it is easy to check data and operate the device remotely from a personal smartphone or PC. Compared to the Radon Eye, Radon Eye Plus is available with internet access, temperature, humidity and measurement time recording, and the measurement range have been extended from 100pCi / l to 255pCi / l. Indoor radon concentrations that cause lung cancer in the human body must be monitored in real time. The reason for this is that indoor radon concentrations vary from season to season and morning to evening. Our Radon Eye Plus enables this real-time measurement and monitoring.



Type : pulsed ion chamber
First reliable data out : < 60min
Data interval : 10min update (60min moving average)
Sensitivity : 0.5cpm/pCi/l at 10pCi/l (30cph/pCi/l)
Operating range : 10℃ ~ 40℃  (50°F ~ 100°F), RH < 90%
Range : 0.1 ~ 255 pCi/l (9,435 Bq/㎥)
Precision : < 10% at 10pCi/l
Accuracy : < ±10% (min. error <±0.5pCi/l )
Power : DC12 ± 0.1V, 80mA (12V DC adapter)
Size : RD200 : Φ80(mm) x 120(mm), 240g
Data communication : Wi-Fi (internet)
Data log : max 1year (1h step)
Display : 0.96 inch OLED


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Benefits of Product

Real-time continuous radon detector & monitor

  RD200M : Radon sensor
  RD200 : Smart radon detector for home owner
  RD200P : Smart radon detector for home owner
  FRD400 : Radon monitor for radon measuring agency
  FRD800 : Radon monitor for specialist
  FRD1600 : Precision radon monitor for research

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