New Concept! Radon Detector!!

Indoor air quality real-time remote monitoring system RadonEye station



 Sensors : Radon, Fine Dust(PM10, PM2.5), CO2, Temperature, Humidity
 DC 12V Adaptor
 Wifi & BLE communication 
 Smart_phone connectable (Android)
 Internet connectable and data saving possible
 alarm function
 2.4" LCD panel display
 built in forced air fan
 size (WxDxH=127x175x75)




Benefits of Product

Real-time continuous radon detector & monitor

  RS9A : Radon sensor
  RD200M : Radon sensor
  RadonEye : Smart radon detector for home owner
  RadonEye Plus2 : Smart radon detector for home owner
  RadonEye Pro : NRPP listed device / CR-8306
  FRD400 : Radon monitor for radon measuring agency
  FRD800 : Radon monitor for specialist
  FRD1600 : Precision radon monitor for research

Head office : Radonftlab
Contact us : Sungsoo Kim
mobile. +82-70-4906-4608